Tuesday, 12 December 2006

3 days to go…

I fell asleep sprawled on my desk around 8pm and I woke up at 3am with a crick in my neck to my phone’s incessant beeping (I must figure how to stop it doing that), telling me I have 17 missed calls and 12 messages.

Cairo is so peaceful at night. Fajr prayer is still in half an hour or so, so utter silence permeates the air, although in a while the city of “a thousand and one minarets” will sound with multiple calls to prayer.

The weather has been slightly schizophrenic lately, and I wake up not knowing if I should wear a jacket or a shirt. At night though, it’s freezing; I only sat in my balcony for 10 minutes and my teeth are chattering.

I have three more days of classes to go. In those three days I somehow have to squeeze in a final, a presentation, a 15 page paper, a take-home final, a project and somehow attend a wedding. With so much to do, it’s no wonder I fell asleep—today I was supposed to give a presentation in Future University on how to set up a publication and how to sustain and develop it, but unfortunately I had to send my senior Arabic editor in my stead, since I literally couldn’t spare the couple of hours needed to go and present.

Last Monday’s honours assembly’s pictures were out today, and I look so silly wedged between my mom and dad. A picture of my friends and I was in Kelmetna, an Arabic magazine, so we’re famous lol. This Friday is our Fall ’06 graduating class group photo and I will make time to attend, although I have to take my history final on Saturday and not the following Thursday since I’m travelling to Dubai on Sunday.

Cap & Gown photos have been postponed to late January, which is good since I definitely don’t want to miss those! I’m thinking of writing and submitting an entry for the graduation speech; it would be a great honour to be chosen and insha’ Allah I will be.

So…my job plans? First of all, I’ve decided to postpone getting my masters degree for a while; I think working will help me get some much needed experience first, especially since I’ve never really interned anywhere.

I’ve had several job offers so far, but nothing has really appealed to me as of yet. I’ve decided to ‘sleep’ a while (both literally and figuratively) as soon as I’m done with finals, travel all of January, and be back at the end of it for two of my best friends’ weddings, a career conference hosted by the CAPS office, and of course, graduation. And then…who knows?

Until next time,
Salam Alaykum,

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