Sunday, 3 December 2006

10 days to go...

Technically there are 23 days to go, but I’m not counting weekends or the week of exams because I only have one final in the final week.

10 days. That’s only 26 more classes, 2 projects, 2 presentations, 1 paper, and 3 finals to go. And the ca c’est tout.

I submitted my yearbook application on Thursday, and it still hasn’t sunk in that these are my final university days. Today I had an all day session with my management course group, and it hit me that this is probably the last weekend I’ll spend hurriedly patching up a business plan and figuring out if the doctor would like an advert or just sample ads.

A couple of Danish friends I met in the Litaarafuu conference I went to last April and met up with in Denmark were in Egypt last week for a conference, and I got the chance to attend some of their sessions (I was even lucky enough to meet George Isaac, leader of the Kefaya movement, and attend a Q & A session with him).

One of the participants asked me what I ‘do’ and I realized with a start that in 10 days I can’t say “I’m still a student.” I’ll be out in the big bad world and then what? What will I ‘do?’ Another friend of mine I met in another conference (MOIC) is leaving Egypt and traveling to England to continue her studies there…but what do I plan to do?

I’m a good student, I made honors, and I’ve participated in many activities in my four years at university. But will it be enough to get the job I want?

Questions that refuse to leave my head, and are keeping me from enjoying the time I have left. The future is uncertain, but I will try my best to simply focus on being a student these last few weeks and on the things I won’t miss. Writing papers, handing my car keys to Hamdy my valet with a heavy heart wondering what shape I’ll find my car in when I get back, having to walk up five flights of stairs because the elevator isn’t working and so much more.

There is so much I am going to miss…but I have to be up in 5 hours to get back to university, so it’s salam for now…

Until next time,

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