Friday, 26 May 2006

1 final, 2 projects, 3 papers to go!!

I slept for 16 hours last night…which I guess is excusable considering I’ve been living on less than 4 hours sleep for the past week or so, going to uni at 8 am and only leaving when they kick me out of the lab/ library. And now I’m almost done!! I’m actually supposed to be working on a paper now, but I need a break so I’m going to justify not working for a bit by writing (even though I need to return some books to the library asap since I’m being charged 4 LE for every hour they’re late hehe)

Yesterday was the last day of classes, and it’s a huge burden off my shoulders to now have a couple of days to focus solely on my projects and papers. As a business senior, we usually don’t have finals, but instead have big huge projects that we’re supposed to work on all semester and (typically) don’t start until the last week or so of classes. For example, on Wednesday was our presentation for one of our marketing courses, and Dr. Hegazy assigns 20% of our grade to it, and is well-known for the fact that he focuses more on the presentation than on the paper. So we focused on it and haven’t yet finished the paper. Ours was on Mega ice-cream, so we actually created an ad for it (which was pretty great considering it was my first time using Windows Movie Maker hehe); made a huge Mega ice-cream bar out of Styrofoam; bought stands and posters to hang up; and actually handed out free ice-creams. Needless to say, we got the best grade in the class Here’s a picture of us standing next to our huge ice-cream (No idea what I’m going to do with it now though):

Now all we have to do left is to actually finish writing up the project…only there’s just so much to do I don’t know where to begin. You know when you have so much to do that you think you’re never going to finish it so you keep delaying starting? Yeah, I do that a lot; I escape to the roof upstairs at night and stare up at the sky, searching fruitlessly for stars, which we rarely see because of the pollution. But the lack of studying isn’t always my fault though! For example, I was trying to study at home last week for once, and just by luck there was a huge wedding underneath my window!! I live on the 9th floor, but still! My room overlooks this deserted street, and so sometimes a bunch of people come, set up some chairs and fairy lights, bring a DJ and have a wedding. Crazy I know, and I got so mad because who can study the difference between a floating ad and a shoshkele in all that noise?? Anyway, moving on…

We had a sit in on campus yesterday in support of the independence of the judiciary, and even though a lot of people just showed up to laugh at us (idiots who probably had no idea what it was for anyway), I got the impression that a lot of people supported our cause. A lot of us actually put tape over our mouths to symbolize our silence and disapproval, which I thought was a great idea.

There’s a lot of stuff that’s happening in Egypt now, and stuff a lot of people aren’t happy about. I’m just glad that people are actually starting to do something to express their displeasure, even though what we can do is limited. Even though we didn’t number over a 100 people, and had a silent protest on campus, there were still three police vans outside. There’s a campaign going on now to free Ahmed El Droubi, who’s an AUCian who was arrested in a sit in protest also in support of the independence of the judiciary and has been in jail for over a month now. He’s been arrested on charges of “assembly, assaulting public functionaries, disseminating allegations that disturb public order, and obstructing a street without permission,” and for three women who are also being detained with the same charges (

But on to cheerier topics…I got another interview for an internship, this time at American Chambers, and I got accepted into both summer courses…Only question is, what should I choose? I think I’ll copy Scarlett O’Hara in this matter, and “I’ll think about it tomorrow”
I went to Fayoum last weekend with my Veiling class to present our research papers, and it was beautiful. We stayed at our professor’s villa, and seriously, the greenery and the beautiful view took my breath way. I guess it pays to be an AUC professor hehe. We also visited a pottery school, and I bought a cute teapot for my grandma…

Ok, so enough procrastination, back to studying for me I just can’t wait for Sunday, I’ll be done with everything by then and can finally take a break, go back to facebook stalking (lol), emailing my friend Rocío in NY who I haven’t emailed in aggggggggges, reading, watching movies and having nothing to do!!!!!

Salam Alaykum (Peace be upon you)

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