Wednesday, 15 November 2006

23 days to go…

Salam Alaykum all,

Only 23 school days left for graduation…the “tick-tock” sound is growing more and more audible each day. And as the days speed by, they become more and more crammed with things to do. This was my schedule today, and is typical of any day on campus:

8:30-9:30: Doing readings for class
9:30-10:45: Comparative Religion Class
11-11:30: Meeting with Dimensions advisor
11:30-12: Attend sit in-on Campus for Beit Hanoun
12-1: Group meeting for Management Project
1-1:30: Read 100 pages of book for my Arabic literature class
1:30-2:50: Marketing Class
3-4:15: Arabic Literature Class
4:30-7:30: Student Union High Board meeting
7:30-9: Give Quark training to the Help Club

By the time I get home I am utterly wiped (especially after spending 45 harrowing minutes driving home), and can only rest for a little while before having to sit down and do more work before crashing at midnight and getting up in a few hours to do it all again. I’m bone tired and weary most of the time but in a good way. I’ve always loved a challenge, and trying to fit everything into my schedule and still find time to sleep is one of the most taxing things I’ve had to do.

Dimensions is also taking over a major part of my life…but my hard work has paid off because finally, after years of work…we have managed to become a credible, well-established weekly newspaper which comes out every Tuesday like clockwork. And the cherry on top came today when someone came from the Office of Marketing and Communications all the way to our office to tell us personally that she was amazed at the standard of Dimensions and how far we’ve come in only 2 years. It gave me a high that I’ve been riding on all day

Our last issue covered an extremely important story…the protest at the Press Syndicate last Thursday against the sexual harassment attacks that happened in Eid. Unfortunately I couldn’t go because I had an exam at the same time, but I heard good things about it. I’m glad that Egyptian women finally took a stand against the ridiculous harassment we are subject to every time we walk down the street, regardless of looks, size, clothes, race or religion. Here’s a picture of the protest:

Well, I should go start my book review for history class, or to be more specific, actually start reading the book: In search of Islamic Feminism.
Until next time,

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