Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Hi everyone!

This has been one of those weeks that you feel goes on and on and on, which you think will never end. Other than papers, midterms, and meetings, I’ve also been participating in the Model Organization Islamic Conference (MOIC).

Going to the conference means I missed classes (and rehearsals for the play I’m in), which is doubly bad for me because I’ll be missing two more days of classes because I’m leaving in a couple of hours or so to go to the airport (I’m traveling to Abu Dhabi for another conference).

The MOIC conference was from 9am-6pm for four days straight, and I was also participating in a workshop this weekend from 6-10 for three days, so I’ve had practically no time to work on my papers/ projects except late at night. I even missed the closing ceremony so I could finish a paper, and I wasn’t there when I was announced as the Best Delegate! So yeah, I’ve been walking into a few walls and drinking a lot of coffee lol. I think I may be Cilantro’s best customer (that’s our Starbucks here). We have L’aroma on campus (another Starbucks alternative), but I still say Cilantro is better. Am I going to be reprimanded for saying that? Hehe. I’d better backtrack and state for the record that L’aroma still has the best hot chocolate, but not the best brownies.

Tomorrow on campus we have International day, which I’m so sad I’m going to miss because it’s one of the best events we have all year. Each country gets a booth, and they sell traditional food, wear the national dress, play music from their country, and sell some really cool stuff. It’s like Global Village in Dubai but on a miniature scale. Last year I got these candles from the Thailand booth and I still have them (of course I have no idea where they are because my desk hasn’t been cleaned in ages, but I know they’re on it or near it somewhere). There’s always a henna lady there (it’s like a kind of tattoo made from plants (I think) that lasts a couple of weeks) but I’m not sure in which country/booth. Maybe India?? In any case, if any AUCians are reading this, then you should definitely go, and stop by the Pakistani booth in particular coz that’s the one my friend Nida is participating in hehe. And the Saudi Arabia booth always has great dates and coffee. Well, you get the picture And don’t forget to pick up Dimensions (the Student Union newspaper) and read my column!

I’m guessing I’ve gone on long enough for a first entry, and I hope you’ll be back to read my second! I’ll find a computer at Abu Dhabi and post my next entry for next Monday. I’ll update this every Monday; this week was an exception because yesterday was “Muled El Nabi” (The Prophet Mohammad’s birthday (PBUH)) and I went to Al Hussein (his great grandson’s mausoleum) to watch the festivities. And seriously that’s an event that every Egyptian and foreigner should attend; there you’ll really get a good dose of everything oriental you ever dreamed of. Shisha (Hookah), whirling dervishes, Sufi ceremonies, music, bokhoor (incense), and not to mention the multitude of shops in Khan El Khalili (biggest oriental shopping bazaar in Egypt) open all night long. If you can stand the crowds, and having to wait a loooong time to find a table in the popular El-Fishaway cafĂ©, then it’s definitely worth it. And I’m starting to sound like a travel guide so I’ll stop here

Until next time!
Salam Alaykum

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